Happy Birthday to the Lottery

The Lottery turned 5 years old in February. Over the past five years our members have raised £75000. We would like to thank the local businesses and individuals who have either donated money or prizes for our concert raffles. The Swimathons earned over £2000 and our Concerts have raised over £2000. The activities undertaken by the Friends of Albrighton Swimming Pool Lottery have raised over £55,000 to ensure that the pool stays open and receives the maintenance it requires.

 Thank you to the community that supported the building of the original pool and continue to support it. Children have learned to swim in the pool for 54 years and we should be grateful to Albrighton Primary School for their commitment to this crucial activity. We also say thanks to the various bodies involved with the pool so that this will continue. These bodies include the Swimming Club, Albrighton Primary School, Albrighton Parish Council, Donington with Boscobel Parish Council and the Civic Society.

 The Swimming Club make community swimming possible during the summer and need members and volunteers to support this activity. They can be contacted via Facebook or via their website: http://www.albrightonswimming.co.uk/.

 The Friends of Albrighton Swimming Pool Lottery also acknowledge the work that David Alcock and Roger Rudman did to establish the lottery.

 The Friends of Albrighton Swimming Pool Lottery currently number six trustees. These are: Ade Thomas, Mike Pitchford, Cath Ratcliffe, Peter Woodman, Sue Mountford and Dave Brady.

Where is the Swimming Pool?

We get asked this quite a lot so here is a map to help you to find this community resource:

Coming Soon – Local Heroes

We will be commemorating people who have supported the pool and will be happy to receive nominations.

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The Albrighton Swimming Club would like to express our thanks to the Co-Op Community Fund for their generous support this year. It really is very much appreciated!