The Friends of Albrighton Swimming Pool Lottery

The Albrighton swimming pool needs support to pay for costs and to ensure that the pool remains open for school and communal use.  An integral part of our plan to support the Pool is a lottery to provide a substantial, regular and sustainable additional income stream.  Contributors agree to a £5 monthly payment for which they are issued with a lottery number.  A draw takes place by the last Wednesday of each month and there is roughly a one in twenty of a chance of a prize.  If you would like to join us, please follow the link in the right column to complete the application form.

Lottery results!

The eighty eighth draw took place on Sunday 26th May 2024. All supporters whose funds had been paid into our bank account by the 21st of each month were included in the draw.

May 2024 draw results:
The total prize fund this month was £435.00 and was distributed as follows:

First prize £174.00 114 MV Guest
Second prize £87.00 67 Philip Gee
Third £43.50 17 N J Hobday
Fourth £43.50 190 Lisa Flay
Fifth £17.40 4 Mike Pitchford
Sixth £17.40 241 John Thorneycroft Redonated – many thanks
Seventh £17.40 170 Martin Fisher
Eighth £17.40 160 John & Annette Christophers
Ninth £17.40 12 Anon
Tenth Lucky Dip 53 Jane Vaughan
Eleventh Lucky Dip 181 Dorothy Marshall
Twelfth Lucky Dip 16 Rachel Medlicott

Previous Lottery Results are available by contacting us.

If you are not in the Friends of Albrighton Swimming Pool lottery and would like a chance to be a winner whilst supporting this very good cause, just click on the link in the right hand column to access an application form.  Send the first part to your bank to set up a monthly payment and send the second part to us so that we can allocate a lottery number to you and enter you in the draw.  If you have any questions about the lottery please contact me at: